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Our Staff Members and Great Achievements

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Welcome to Eden Institute Campus

We are the first and foremost a Christian Institution with moral and spiritual values. We seek to maintain an atmosphere conducive to a growing fellowship with Jesus Christ.


In its broadest terms, our purpose is to promote excellence in teaching at all ranks and excellence in student learning inside and outside the classroom. Our goal is to see teaching equally valued with research as a professional commitment of faculty and teaching assistants and to provide the training and resources to make excellent teaching possible. Effective teaching encompasses more than just the transmission of subject matter, however. Excellent teaching, first of all, gains the students' attention and convinces them of the importance of what is being taught and learned. It goes on to communicate not only information and concepts but to develop powers of analysis, synthesis, judgment, and evaluation, all in a context of considered values. When teaching has truly succeeded, students leave with an ability to learn, question, and commit on their own.


Our goals for student learning are complementary—that students not settle for just learning the "stuff" or enough "stuff" for a decent grade. They should be training their minds and sensibilities for a lifetime responsibility of critical, independent thought and commitment to personal and community goals. They should have high expectations of their own efforts and of their teachers' efforts. They should see learning as extending far beyond the classroom to most of what they experience.


News in a roll

Click here to download forms Download application form.pdf Click link below to download Courses for December 2014 for...

Registered Nursing These students have only been in training for three months (12 weeks). They are coming to the clinical area for the first time. They will be in this area of experience for twelve...
We currently have no openings, at the moment. keep checking the site for for
Preston Mwiinga Preston is our I.C.T Specialist and first Aider.
Mrs Nellecy Banda works as the cashier at the institution, she is a very dedicated person who loves her work
About Mwitwa Chibekwe Mulilala is the ones behind the marketing of the institution
Ms Mulambo is a hardworking and dedicated person. she works in the examinations office as the examinations officer
Mrs Alice Mawele sorts out all your financial issues as you come to Eden. she is the able accountant at the institution
Meet the friendly Zamiwe. she is the secretary at the Institution